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The Battle of New Orleans Webquest and Video Analysis

Directions: Complete the following questions using resources from the link listed below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RYXYxlLKVw (Documentary Clip)

http://www.history.com/topics/battle-of-new-orleans (History.com)

Watch the documentary clip, The War of 1812 - The Battle of New Orleans, on YouTube first,

which will introduce you to the topic.

1. When did the Battle of New Orleans take place?

2. What problems did the British troops face while advancing towards the battle?

3. What happens to the command structure of the British Army during the battle?

4. How did the Battle of New Orleans further the career of American general Andrew Jackson?

For the next part of this assignment, proceed to the history.com website listed on the front

page and watch the video: Andrew Jackson Defends New Orleans in 1812.

5. Why was New Orleans such a strategically important location?

6. What nickname did Andrew Jacksons troops give him? Why?

7. What did Jackson have his men construct to block the British line of advance?

8. How many British soldiers advanced on the American position on the morning of the battle?

9. Why were the backwoods countrymen of Andrew Jacksons army deadly with a rifle?

10. Why did communication over long distances take such a long time in the early 19th century? What did the two sides in New Orleans not know about until the battle was over?

To answer the questions for the remainder of the assignment, read the article about the Battleof New Orleans on the History.com site.

11. Why was Britain able to redouble its efforts against America in 1814?

12. When Andrew Jackson was charged with the defense of New Orleans, why did he tell his wife I owe to Britain a debt of retaliatory vengeance, should our forces meet I trust I shall pay the debt.

13. Describe the army that Andrew Jackson assembled to stop the British from taking New

Orleans. Why does this show how desperate he was to stop the British?

14. Who was in charge of the British Forces sent to capture New Orleans? How did he believe the Americans would react to his army?

15. What was the British two pronged attack strategy?

16. What had the British counted on masking their movements on the morning of the battle? What happened to the British advance instead?

17. What did one British officer compare the American defensive position to following the battle? Why?

18. What happened to the British commander during the battle?

19. How successful was the British attack to capture the American artillery? What impact did it have on the battle?

20. Why was the British advance on Jacksons position considered a fiasco?

21. Following the battle, how did Americans react to Jacksons victory?

22. Even though the War of 1812 is considered a stalemate, what did the American victory at New Orleans do?


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