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Post on 25-Mar-2016




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  • Penny stocks: Why bigger is not always better

    They say that, bigger is not always better, especially in the business world. In our society, we like to think big because big usually indicates growth. After all, we seem obsessed with being the biggest nation, having the biggest economy, the biggest house, or the busiest airport. However, in business, striving to be bigger should also involve becoming better. In the investing world, small but fast-growing companies, also known as penny stocks, are a great example of why big is not always better.

    Many people overlook penny stocks because these are often small-cap companies that have not reached the same amount of growth that Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft has reached. However, they fail to see that although these companies start out private and small, micro-cap stock companies slowly work their way up to become big and public. In addition, small companies tend to react faster to opportunities for growth than companies that have operations in ten different countries. These larger companies have a harder time taking advantage of risky but profitable opportunities because they cannot move that quick. When big companies cannot take big risks, they often stay where they are at. This will do nothing for investors as there will not be any returns to gain.

    While their market size might be small, there are some penny stocks that pay high yields. Building a solid investment portfolio requires patience and a strategy unique to the individual. Finding penny stocks with massive volumes with stable yields can take some time but it is not impossible. Playing the stock market requires patience and thorough research about financial trends. If you play the cards right, income from penny stocks can allow you to secure you and your familys future. With proper knowledge and patience, it is not impossible to build a penny stock investment portfolio with potential to explode in profits.

    Penny stocks have a potential for dividend increase as sales and profits increase in the future. Earning income on top of your current working income is becoming more and

  • more common due to current economic conditions. With bills to pay, insurance, mortgage, and other things to pay for, sometimes our current income just does not suffice. In addition to bills, those with children know how much money needs to be saved ahead of time towards cars and college tuition. Luckily, penny stocks are low-priced shares and therefore, will require little capital to get started. Invest in penny stocks that have potential to explode in price today to allow your income to grow as well.

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