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  1. 1. How Early Can You Begin To Feel PregnancySymptomsFolic Acid and PregnancyOne of the first things your doctor will tell you if you are trying to conceive or if you haverecently discovered that youre pregnant is you should take more folic acid. Folic acid can befound in a number of foods, including cereals and dark leafy greens. Its very difficult to getadequate folic acid from food, so its important to take a good multivitamin containing folicacid to prevent serious birth defects such as spina bifida.How Early Can You Begin To Feel Pregnancy Symptoms Before conception, it can beextremely easy to take folic acid for the health of your baby and a better pregnancy. So whatis folic acid? Often called folate, it is a B vitamin that can be found in green leafy vegetableslike kale and spinach and orange juice. If you receive 400 micrograms of folic acid, or 4milligrams of folic acid before conception, it can significantly reduce the risk of some typesof neural tube defects.One of the most common birth defect is spina bifida, which is an incomplete closure of thespinal cord and column. How Early Can You Begin To Feel Pregnancy Symptoms Takingfolic acid can help reduce this problem significantly. In addition, anencephaly, which is aserious underdevelopment of the brain, and encephalocele, which is when brain tissueprotrudes through an opening in the skin abnormally, can both be reduced through theintake of folic acid. And all these anomalies occur in the first month of pregnancy, which isusually well before a woman knows she is pregnant. Therefore, intake of folic acid before thewoman is pregnant is of utmost importance.Only about 50% of pregnancies are planned, so intake of folic acid is important for anyonewho wants or is considering conception in the future. Although the reasons why folic acid isso great at reducing the risk of these birth defects has not been explained, How Early CanYou Begin To Feel Pregnancy Symptoms we know that it plays an important role in cellgrowth and development.Learn more about folic acid and pregnancy plus all the other important vitamins necessarywhen trying to conceive by reading Personal Path to Pregnancy, the International best-selling fertlity guide.Read More...
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