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Альбом открытого международного архитектурного конкурса на объёмно-планировочное решение Историко-культурного комплекса на территории бывшего замка Кёнигсберг в Калининграде. Catalogue of the open international architectural competition for the design of the Historic and cultural complex on the grounds of the former castle Königsberg in Kaliningrad


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    May-September 2015

    - 2015

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    Final Catalogue of the Open International Architectural Competition for an Architectural Design of the Historic and Cultural Complex on the Grounds of the Former Order Castle Knigsberg in Kaliningrad

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    International Architectural Competition Post-castle

    Urban Planning Bureau Heart of the City

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    - 2015

    Final Catalogue of the Open International Architectural Competition for an Architectural Design of the Historic and Cultural Complex on the Grounds of the Former Order Castle Knigsberg in Kaliningrad

    May-September 2015

    Government of the Kaliningrad region

    City of Kaliningrad

    Union of Architects of Russia

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    Foreword 8

    1. About competition

    Background 12

    Parameters, conditions of organization and implementation 15

    Competition jury 18

    2. Terms of reference

    Competition site and contexts 22

    Purposes and objectives 25

    Key functions of the Historic and Cultural complex 27

    Special conditions and restrictions 29

    Functional programming on the Post-castle area 30

    Layout of competition materials on panels 35

    3. Jury's work and announcement of results 37

    4. Competition entries 43

    Out-of-competition 156

    5. After the competition

    Planning organization of the territory 160

    Acknowledgements 163

    Award bowl and Baptismal font 167

    Index of competition entries 168


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  • 8Foreword

    The International Competition for the Historic and Cultural Complex on the grounds of the former order castle Knigs-berg Post-castle has continued the tradition of creative competitions among architects and a number of architectural forums addressing the problem of the historical centre of our city. At the 750th anniversary of Kaliningrad in 2005, the International Symposium on perspectives of the development of the central part of Kaliningrad took place; two years later, the professional community, Kaliningrad city hall and the regional government joined their efforts to hold the Interna-tional Workshop, which justified the need for the urban planning competition for the central part of the city and provided some scenarios for its spatial development. In 2012, the long-term project for the regeneration of the historic centre Heart of the City was launched by the deci-sion of the Presidium of the Kaliningrad Region Governors Council for Culture and with my personal support. The project pooled together the efforts of the state authorities, experts and the general public. I would like especially mention the

    participation of the City Mayor Alexan-der Yaroshuk in this process. Thus, only thanks to our joint efforts we managed to conduct the largest open international urban planning competition in Russia (for 56 ha) Korolevskaya Gora and Its Surroundings, which defined the devel-opment pattern, zoning and phasing for the key area of Kaliningrad.

    The next link in this chain has become the competition for the central facility of the main historic place of Kaliningrad, wich is named Post-castle. We have had long discussions with the general public and professionals about the new func-tions of the future buildings at the site of the Kings castle that was completely destroyed in the 1960s. As a result, we have agreed that this will be the Historic and Cultural Complex, the largest facil-ity in the region that will incorporate a museum, the tourist functions as well as the functions of the main universal hall of the Kaliningrad Region the basis of the capital nucleus of Kaliningrad. And now, after half a year of preparations and after ten years of professional discussions, if we consider the symposium in 2005, we

    have received 49splendid entries. Now, following the results of the competition the fate of the most significant place in our city will be determined and we will start recreating the new image of the historic centre.

    But before the first pile is driven and the first brick is laid, we need to start two paramount processes: first of all, the extensive archaeological studies, so that the artifacts found would be taken into consideration in the design documents for the Historic and cultural Complex. For the second, information about our con-struction plans on the Korolevskaya Gora, about the history of this place, including its Russian-related history, needs to be widely shared with citizens and guests of our city!

    I am sure that the architectural ideas pro-posed by winners will decorate our city. The implementation of the Historic and Cultural Complex will give a powerful boost to the development of the touristic potential and it will become a symbol of the renovation of the most western region of Russia in not that far future.

    Nikolay Tsukanov Governor of the Kaliningrad Region

  • 9The participants of the International Design Competition Post-castle had an exciting demanding challenge to think over and to propose the concept for the development of the area where from the many centuries long his-tory of our remarkable city has begun.

    The modern Kaliningrad is indeed unique. Its image conjoins the features of two great cultures the western and the eastern ones. The brightest example of this peculiarity is its historical centre. The Gothic Cathedral is neighboring with the monument of Soviet ar-chitectonics, the House of Soviets. The authors of the best competition entries have managed to fit their concepts smoothly into this compli-cated architectural environment.

    Hope that in the foreseeable future, we will have the historic and cultural complex that will become a constant centre of attraction for citizens and the guests of the region.

    Marina Orgeeva Chairwoman of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma

    The City of Kaliningrad is a unique place where the history has been reflected in its external im-age, architecture and a town planning pattern.

    The last twenty years have been marked by tense debates about the fate of the central part of Kaliningrad. Only now, we have received the unique opportunity to find the a demicratic approach to the development of this important urban area through the international architec-tural competition.

    New buildings, squares and improvement of the Post-castle area should not only set the rhythm of the Heart of the City but also the new standard of living space, style, attractive-ness and the recognizability of present-day Kaliningrad.

    I would like to thank all entrants to the compe-tition for their endeavors to transform our city. Wishing them a fruitful work and new uncon-ventional ideas!

    Alexander Yaroshuk Head of the urban district City of Kaliningrad

    Kaliningrad is an incredible city where the German past and the Russian present has been connected. By all means, the central part of the city, its heart should incorporate all best traditions from the architectural experience accumulated from all over the world.

    The Kings astle of Knigsberg has a difficult fate. Its history is fascinating for specialists, citizens, tourists and guests of Kaliningrad.

    I am sure, that the entrants professional ap-proach to the organization of the historic space on the area of the former Kings castle will pro-vide our city with an outstanding exceptional architectural ensemble.

    Andrey Kropotkin Chairman of the City Council of Deputies of Kaliningrad

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    I. About competition


    2014 - - -- 56 (tuwangste.ru/contests/contest_1/itogi-konkursa). (. tuwangste.ru/publications). - . , , ,

    , ( - ), - .

    - a - , - , , - - 1989.

    - - . 2014 , 2015 .

    In 2014, by order of the Kaliningrad Region Government, the NP Urban Planning Bureau Heart of the City conducted an open international archi-tectural and urban planning competi-tion for a concept of the development of 56 ha area of Kaliningrads historic centre Korolevskaya Gora and Its Sur-roundings. (tuwangste.ru/en/contests/contest_1/itogi-konkursa). The results