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  • 13/10/2014 Gas Fitting, Qualified Gas Fitters - Female Choice Plumbing

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    1300 921 421

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

    1Hr Emergency Local Plumber*

    Gas Fitting, Gas Fitters

    With availability spanning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays – Female Choice Plumbing (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/emergency- plumber/) is your one stop shop for all your Gas Fitting needs. With a veritable army of Highly Trained, Fully Qualified Gas Fitters, we can most often have somebody on your doorstep within just an hour of making a Booking (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/book-online/). So whether it’s an emergency (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/emergency-plumbing/) because you have a gas leak (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-leaks-on-appliances/), or you just need a new gas appliance installed (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-ovens-and-hot-plates/), we’ve got you covered any time of the day or night.

    http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/book-online http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/50-off-todays-visit http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/interest-free http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/emergency-plumber/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/book-online/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/emergency-plumbing/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-leaks-on-appliances/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-ovens-and-hot-plates/

  • 13/10/2014 Gas Fitting, Qualified Gas Fitters - Female Choice Plumbing

    http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-fitting/ 2/6

    Gas Fitting, Gas Fitters Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney,Brisbane, Canberra

    We know how important it is to have functioning gas appliances. That’s why, in addition to our 24/7, year round service, all our vans are stoked to the hilt with the latest and greatest in gas plumbing tools and have a wide range of spare gas plumbing parts. At Female Choice Plumbing, all our friendly, fully qualified gasfitters have the knowhow and the equipment to be able to take care of any gas leak (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/testing-for-gas-leaks/), gas pipe replacement (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-pipe-work/) and gas appliance installation or relocation (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-ovens-and-hot-plates/), so you can rest assured our professional gas fitting experts have everything you could possibly need done covered.

    Don’t hesitate! With fleets located in most major capital cities, highly trained, licensed gasfitters and top of the range gas plumbing equipment, there’s no need to contact anybody else for your gas fitting needs. All you need to do is Call: 1300 921 421 or use our quick and easy Online Booking Form (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/book-online/).

    What kind of Gas Fitting work do you do? That’s a good question. Everything! Our Fully Qualified, Licensed and Highly Trained Gas Fitters at Female Choice Plumbing have the experience and the knowhow to fix, replace or install pretty much anything you could possibly ask us to, and every one of our vans is fully stocked with any and all tools and spare parts the job might require. It doesn’t matter what you need you done, how complicated or easy it is, or where you need it done, we’ll be able to have a one of our Professional Female Choice Plumbing Gas Fitting Experts our to your home or business as soon as possible, and have that Gas Plumbing issue rectified in no time.

    Depending on the specific situation, we’ve got you covered for:

    Gas BBQs (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-bbq/)

    http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/testing-for-gas-leaks/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-pipe-work/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-ovens-and-hot-plates/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/book-online/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-bbq/

  • 13/10/2014 Gas Fitting, Qualified Gas Fitters - Female Choice Plumbing

    http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-fitting/ 3/6

    Do you need your new gas BBQ installed (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-bbq/) and commissioned? Do you want your current gas BBQ moved? If your BBQ runs on Natural Gas or LPG, one of our Female Choice Plumbing Gas Fitting experts can easily do both of these jobs. In addition, if you already have a gas conversion kit, we can convert your BBQ from LPG to Natural, or vice versa. All our professional gas plumbers have the training, experience, skills and tools to be able to sort out any gas BBQ issues you could be facing.

    Gas Leaks (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/testing-for-gas-leaks/) If you can smell gas, you’ve most likely got a gas leak (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas- leaks-on-appliances/). Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and should be fixed as soon as possible by a professional Female Choice Plumbing gas plumber. Here at Female Choice Plumbing, all our fully qualified, licensed gasfitters can test your gas lines and gas appliances to detect where the gas leak is coming from, then repair or replace your gas piping (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas- pipe-work/), and repair gas appliances if able or install new appliances once purchased. It’s essential

    you call the gas fitting experts from Female Choice Plumbing straight away if you think or know you have a gas leak, so we can have a professional gas plumber around to fix it and prevent the situation from getting worse.

    If any of our repairs require spare parts, don’t fret. Your attending gas plumbing expert should have most if not all of the needed parts in his van, no matter what material your piping is to begin with. We make sure all our vans are stocked with every tool and spare part for every gas fitting job imaginable, so you never need to worry about our professional gasfitters leaving in the middle of a their work.

    Gas Ovens and Hotplates (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas- ovens-and-hot-plates/)

    If you need gas fitting done, call the professional gas plumbers from Female Choice Plumbing. All our qualified, licensed gasfitters have extensive training in all areas of gas plumbing, and can do any gas fitting job you need them to. For gas cooking appliances, we’re able to have an expert gas plumber install and commission a new gas oven, gas stove or gas hotplate, extend your existing gas line to move the current gas appliance or repair a malfunctioning gas appliance. There’s no job too large or too small for our gas fitting professionals.

    Gas Room Heating (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-room- heaters/)

    http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-bbq/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/testing-for-gas-leaks/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-leaks-on-appliances/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-pipe-work/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-ovens-and-hot-plates/ http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-room-heaters/

  • 13/10/2014 Gas Fitting, Qualified Gas Fitters - Female Choice Plumbing

    http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-fitting/ 4/6

    When you need a gas appliance installed or repaired, you need to call the professional gasfitters from Female Choice Plumbing as soon as possible, since there’s nothing more annoying than having a gas appliance just sit there doing nothing. Gas room heaters and gas log fires can be installed and commissioned, moved or repaired by our extensively trained, friendly gas plumbers, no matter what type, make or model you’ve got. Just contact us, and we’ll get an expert Female Choice Plumbing gasfitter around to install, commission, or repair that gas room heater quick smart.

    Gas Water Heaters (http://www.femalechoiceplumbing.com.au/gas-hot-water- system/)

    In there’s one thing that’s more annoying than all other gas plumbing problems, it’s definitely the malfunctioning gas hot water heater. Not being able to shower, wash the dishes or do any of those other human necessities you need hot water for can really put the brakes on your day, so you don’t want getting it fixed to be a nightmare as well. If your water isn’t coming out hot, or even if you’ve just bought a new gas water heater, contact the professional gas fitting experts at Female Choice Plumbing.

    We can send one of our extensively trained, licensed gas plumbers to your property straight away to repair or install any brand and model of gas water heater, so you never need to be without hot water again. Our warehouse even has a large range of gas hot water heaters, so if a replacement is the best course of action, your attending Female Choice Plumbing gas fitting expert will be able to retrieve your desired gas water heater, install and commission it for you on the same day.

    Don’t forget, the gas fitting experts from Female Choice Plumbing are available 24/7, even on public holidays, so no matter what it is you need done, our reliable, highly trained gas plumbers can attend to all your gas fitting needs. There’s no other name you need to know when it comes gas fitting. Just contact is today!

    What kind of gas do you work with? Here at Female Choice Plumbing, every one of our professional gas plumbers has the resources to work with both of the most common forms of gas used in Australia for heatin


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